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Foresite Healthcare is at the forefront of healthcare technology solutions. Foresite has a spectrum of innovative, constant monitoring solutions across the continuum of care designed to enhance safety, reduce risk and detect illnesses earlier than ever thought possible. Foresite is a trusted and rapidly growing company focused on next generation monitoring systems for hospitals, rehabilitation centers, assisted living facilities, the home and anywhere else care and safety are valued. Foresite helps all of these facilities increase the quality of care and safety they provide while decreasing the cost of care.

Without ever touching the individual, Foresite continuously monitors heart rate, respiratory rate, bed restlessness, gait, falls, motion and activity, all in a privacy protecting way to provide the following benefits through its tailored products:

  • Early detection of strokes, congestive heart failure, pneumonia and other upper respiratory infections, urinary tract infections and other illnesses
  • Fall prevention
  • Fall risk assessment
  • Fall alert
  • Fall rewind and review
  • Bed exit alert
  • Bed ulcer prevention
  • Vital sign monitoring

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