Foresite Eldercare™

Foresite Eldercare™ enhances the quality of care while lowering costs, increasing independence and improving satisfaction for residents, caregivers and families. Eldercare™ uses state-of-the-art monitoring technology to give care providers the power to proactively manage and anticipate residents’ care needs. With Eldercare™, caregivers are alerted to potential future health issues before they turn into emergencies. Monitors, sensors and sophisticated software combine to increase the quality of care provided to a resident.

The best way to treat illnesses and other negative life events is to prevent them from happening. Earlier detection of deteriorating health conditions reduces hospitalizations and emergency room visits, lowers the cost of care and slows the progression through the continuum of care. Care providers need detailed, accurate and timely information in order to shift from reactive to proactive care. In the past, limited resources often forced care providers to rely on self-reported information or family and caregiver observations. At best, these observations provided a snapshot of the resident’s then-current situation. At worst, the observations were inaccurate or incomplete. Eldercare™ allows caregivers to make observations earlier, with more complete information, and then to act upon that information quickly. Eldercare™ helps detect emerging conditions near the onset to keep a minor issue from becoming an acute incident that could threaten a resident’s health, wellness, and independence.

Eldercare™ provides elder care facilities with the tools needed to increase the quality of care provided to its residents. Nothing is more important than improving the quality of life of residents. Eldercare™ monitors residents in a passive, non-invasive and privacy respecting manner.

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With Foresite Eldercare™,
caregivers can automatically detect
emergency situations, as well
as deteriorating health conditions
before they turn into emergencies.

Foresite Eldercare™ provides the following benefits to eldercare facilities and its residents:

  • Illness Detection

    Foresite Eldercare™ prevents illnesses and other negative life events before they happen. Eldercare™ passively and discretely monitors movements, gait, activity level, bed restlessness, heart and respiratory rates and many other factors. Eldercare™ quickly knows your body in an incredibly precise fashion. The slightest deviation in gait, walking speed, posture, heart or respiratory rate, activity level or a myriad of other metrics could trigger an alert to a nurse, doctor or loved one because of an increased likelihood of a fall, stroke, heart attack, urinary tract infection, respiratory issue or other negative life event. If Eldercare™ does detect deterioration in your health, Eldercare™ will send an alert immediately to your caregiver. Foresite Eldercare™ when used within the assisted living setting helps staff detect illnesses early and improve fall prevention strategies among their residents.

  • Fall Prevention and Fall Risk Assessment

    Foresite Eldercare™ passively and continuously analyzes resident’s movements and gait. By observing just a few initial steps of privacy protecting images, Eldercare™ provides an assessment which is translated into the popular Timed Up and Go (TUG) score. Every time the resident walks, an additional TUG assessment is provided so that improvement or deterioration in the resident is detected. Residents are automatically assessed within Eldercare™ providing easy, available information to caregivers and information to Eldercare™ to use throughout the Eldercare™ system for the resident.

  • Fall Alert

    Eldercare™ immediately identifies a fall and sends an alert to caregivers and loved ones so care is provided instantaneously. The sensors have alerted on tens of thousands of falls over the course of tens of millions of hours of monitoring people. No button needs to be pushed and nothing needs to be worn. Eldercare™ is completely passive technology that identifies a fall based on movement and immediately sends an alert with privacy protecting imaging to caregivers when it witnesses a fall.

  • Rewind and Review

    The fall imaging can be analyzed immediately so proper care can be provided and reviewed indefinitely so a greater understanding exists of why and how residents are falling. Immediate imaging shows how the resident fell and which body parts were affected so healthcare professionals can provide appropriate treatment. Long term analysis can be done on the imaging to know why the resident fell and what they were doing immediately prior to the fall so procedures can be improved to prevent future falls. Eldercare™ imaging provides no identifying information and protects the resident’s privacy.

  • Vital Sign Monitoring

    Eldercare™ monitors resident heart and respiratory rates so if there is a deviation in vital signs the resident, caregivers and loved ones are alerted immediately. Again, this is done passively and no devices are worn and no buttons need to be pushed.

  • Pressure Ulcer Alert

    Foresite Eldercare™ monitors residents’ movements or sometimes lack of movements which could result in pressure ulcers. If a residents’ lack of movement puts them at risk for pressure ulcers an alert will be sent to the caregiver so proper care can be provided. Again, a resident’s movements or lack of movements can be tracked and precisely quantified so caregivers can minimize the risk of pressure ulcers.

“Foresite Eldercare™ prevents hospitalization, ER visits for our residents and those are enormous costs. Foresite has prevented multiple hospitalizations, multiple ICU stays because we have been able to manage the chronic illness early with a little intervention because illnesses are easier to treat when you detect them earlier” - TigerPlace Assisted Living Facility